Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What I Have Learn...

as wedding and event filmmakers or photographers we are given such an incredibly opportunity to tell stories. each couple is a chance to dive deeper, learn more, and explore a whole new way of thinking. far too often, sadly, we fail to embrace this opportunity, and we instead create films in which the couple is either insignificant or irrelevant.

regardless of your style, we firmly believe that a couple should never be interchangeable in your film. in other words, if somebody else got married with the same items in the same location, with the same time line, would there film differ or would it look almost exactly the same? in doing our workshop, the 'evo experience' where we get to know every filmmaker who comes, we've seen far more of the latter, and this goes for workshops we have hosted across the world.

what happens when you embrace the originality of your couple? for starters, amazing things happen. every shoot is a new adventure. every relationship is much more rewarding. and every film is a totally new experience for the viewer and the creator.

that brings us to asa + coralie. many things in their film were done intentionally because it relates, reflects, or is relevant to asa + coralie. take something so simple as tomatoes. in looking over their vows prior to the wedding is was so simple to see how much of a theme and how much significance a simple tomato had. from that we constructed our narrative to build of that idea. we went to a local farmers market to get b-roll that was relevant to what they were saying and what was important to them. the interesting thing is the impact that such a simple approach can have on the couples you work with. it would have been easy for so many people to overlook such small things to a couple and their day, but it is often those little things that can have the most power and create the most well-rounded experience for your couples. -expert(stillmotion)

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